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Hermeneus is a free and responsible consumption community, in which sellers and buyers contact directly to buy and sell products and services without any intermediation using the application. This make it possible for the buyer to pay a fair price for the products and for the seller gives the following advantages to: - Have an opportunity to receive the right reward for their effort; - Open their own online store in just a few minutes and with a minimum cost; - Develop their own online sales strategy and get the full performance of their work; - Offer a better service to their current clients and contact new potential customers through our community; - Connect directly with buyers and sellers throughout Spain and offer them their products and services; - Connect with logistics professionals and optimize their distribution processes; - Benefit from being part of a community of users involved with local commerce. Moreover, there are restaurants in the web where you can taste the products that have been bought by Hermeneus platform. In Hermeneus buyers are registered by paying a unique quote per year (about 363€) but there is no commission per sale (neither for the buyer, nor for the seller). The practical benefit for both buyers and sellers is that there is no intermediaries between the transaction, so the product has a fair price and the seller is correctly paid for their effort. The innovation proposed make possible to increase the profit for the producers and to pay a fair price for the consumers. The platform make it easier the way of buying and the organization of the orders, as well as it is a good and an efficient expositor for the companies and for the restaurants that take part of the community.

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