Association of companies for processing of fruit and vegetables Kraljevo


Association of companies for processing of fruit and vegetables Kraljevo was founded in 2011 in the framework of the RESDP2 project “Increasing the competitiveness of the company for processing of fruits and vegetables through networking” and is located in the Regional chamber of commerce Kraljevo.

The Association is a non-governmental and non-profit network of entrepreneurs and companies from the sector of fruit, vegetable and forest mushrooms, associated to represent the members’ mutual interests, strengthen competitiveness and positioning on domestic and foreign markets, strengthen members’ capacity, and provide joint advertising and sales. The basic activity of Association members is processing and production of final fruit and vegetable products, as well as purchase, processing and production of final forest mushrooms and forest fruit products.

The Association has about 32 members - companies (SMEs) from ​​Central and Western Serbia. Production of Association members includes; canned, dried and frozen fruits and vegetables, jams and spoon sweets, ajvar and pindjur (roasted pepper and eggplant spread), canned cultivated mushrooms (champignons), naturally pasteurised forest mushrooms, fruit juices and concentrates, fruit brandies, fruit vinegar, fruit cakes and pastries. The Association also organises trainings, workshops, food fairs, association meetings, visits to the country and abroad to fairs, exhibitions and other events.

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