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Förderprogramm für Agrarumwelt, Klimaschutz und Tierwohl (FAKT)
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Policy maker
Initiative category: 
Support programme
Support programme in the Baden-Württember region were regional farmers are rewarded/subsudied for producing and keeping their agricultural products in an environmentally friendly way and respecting the species-approriate agriculture. Thank to the measures offerede by the program, farmers can meet the main expectations of consumers (e.g. regionality, organic) while preservating the cultural landscape, natural resources like water and soil, along with the conservation of the species diversity.
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Politically, of course, you can do a lot with support programmes. Where do we give our state money, which is partly co-financed by the federal government or the EU? In Baden-Württemberg, for example, one support programme relates to production. With our Agriculture, Environment, Climate Protection and Animal Welfare support programme, farmers are rewarded for producing and keeping their animals the way consumers like them to be and how it helps the environment. Then they are supported with subsidies in order to reward them for their performance in society as a whole. We also have another rural development programme, and this year, for example, we have included as a completely new element of support the fact that butcher shops, bakeries and restaurants in rural areas can also draw on subsidies, as it has been seen that these structures are breaking away. In other words, the processing structures, which ultimately have to take place in parts between consumers and producers.