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L2L Talents connects young talents to meaningful work and thereby empowers them to take part in transforming the food system. By putting young people to work within the network of Local2Local, we create a workforce with growing transitional potential that supports the move towards a sustainable food system. Because motivated young people ignite others. This way Local2Local Talents contributes to innovative sustainable services and products through the connection of knowledge and labor. Local2Local Talents grew out of Local2Local in order to offer a structure for the many eager young people and the growing number of internships, research projects and work possibilities on sustainability projects in the SFSC.

A wide variety of student networks and educational institutions are involved with our talents community in the Netherlands and we're quickly growing. We're working with study associations, student organizations, youth food organizations and universities to share knowledge about SFSC and connect the talents to short or long-term positions in the SFSC ecosystem. Local2Local Talents offers experience, job and career opportunities for students, graduates and young professionals, as they are keen to make a positive impact.

The L2L Talent platform onboards these young people before they start their journey in the food sector. The L2L Talents events, workshops and work opportunities equip them with information, tools, experience and a network that benefits them and the jobs they are fulfilling. By joining Talents young people are connecting with each other in their drive to change the food system. Through the L2L Talents community they are deepening their understanding of the problems, but also learn about innovations and opportunities in the food system and are encouraged to be a proactive player. While on job assignment via L2L, but also beyond that. Thereby becoming conscious citizens, workers and consumers accelerating the momentum of SFSCs and being the next generation leading into a healthier food system.

How does Loca2Local Talents work?

To build up the platform two people worked part-time on Local2Local Talents as community organizers, in administration, acquisition and marketing. They are supported by the Local2Local team in several tasks. Through the Local2Local Talents website and the existing Local2Local channels on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, via newsletters and the partner network Local2Local Talents could quickly gain attention. Through the website and channels vacancies are shared, but also success stories are shared and talents can publish their articles on topics around SFSC. In addition, it is useful to connect to universities and other platforms, as mentioned above, to work on long-term collaborations. Starting with sharing vacancies, but also possibly giving workshops about SFSCs, attending job markets and developing events or projects together. One example for this is a veggie rescue action, where we partnered with the Green Office from Utrecht University and 2 other student-led initiatives to sell B-quality vegetables from a L2L farmer that struggled with his sales in the Corona crisis.

What would be the main added value/benefit/opportunities to the end-user if the generated innovation/knowledge is implemented?

Access to a growing network of young talents that have already experience in working in SFSC projects, know and support each other or are keen to use their diverse skills to do so.

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